Work and Life

Joe, I’m going to revisit this flawed idea of Work-Life Balance again because it has come up in a couple conversations for me lately. As I have thought more about it, I am convinced (as you are) that the whole idea of balancing work and life is complete nonsense. Life is what you experience 24… Continue reading Work and Life

Work-Life Balance 2

Joe i am awakening from my long winter’s nap to finally reply to your post. At least this time, I don’t think you are too far into left field. I agree that work-life balance is a flawed premise, but it’s one that I think we need for now. It is my opinion is that each… Continue reading Work-Life Balance 2

Work-Life Balance

JasonMaybe this is one of my semantic hang-ups, but much of the conversation around the issue of work-life balance is becoming a bit of a pet peeve for me. I am in absolute agreement that employers need to do more accommodating to meet the unique needs of an increasingly complex workforce, but in my perspective… Continue reading Work-Life Balance