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Joe Gerstandt

Joe Gerstandt

Joe Gerstandt brings a unique and powerful perspective to everything he does. The bulk of Joe’s career has involved bringing fresh perspectives and new tools to diversity and inclusion work. Listening to Joe speak, you will hear lessons learned from his days as a U.S. Marine, growing up on a farm and professional experiences with organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Joe’s perspectives have been published in numerous print and online journals including Diversity Executive, HR Executive, The Diversity Factor, The American Diversity Report, the Corporate Recruiting Leadership Journal, and Associations Now. Joe also serves on the board of directors for the Global Diversity and Inclusion Foundation.

To say that Joe is intense and passionate about his work would be an understatement. He is one part professor, one part philosopher, and one part “not quite right.” Be prepared.

Joe speaks at numerous corporate events and conferences, has spoken at many SHRM national, regional and local events and a wide variety of other conferences and events such as South by Southwest and The Great Ideas Conference.