“Whenever we are seeking passionate, experienced and thought-provoking change agents, we call Joe and Jason. They are all about challenging the status quo and have proven it through their work in the spaces of diversity, talent management and leadership development. Whether it’s through a keynote address or small group session, these guys leave their audiences pumped and ready to change the world.

Laurie Pieper Human Resource Association of the Midlands

“Joe and Jason create crazy mixed feelings with their audience. The first time I heard them speak I was torn between wanting to "get up" and start doing what they were teaching versus "staying put" to gather up even more of the insight they were sharing. No learner or event planner could ask for more than what Jason and Joe serve up!

Mike Wagner CEO, White Rabbit Group

“Talent Anarchy is a dynamic duo that has presented the last two years at the Illinois State SHRM Conference. Their thought provoking and dynamic presentations literally have attendees jumping up and down and dancing in the aisles. They are some of the best speakers on the tour expanding the idea of what makes for dynamic leadership and powerful leaders. They are the only ones who have ever been keynote speakers two years in a row at our conference due to popular demand of the attendees.”

John Jorgensen SPHR Illinois SHRM Conference Director

Jason and Joe break the complexities of the workplace, social capital, and life’s pursuits down to a level we can actually start to digest. They leave us with an appreciation for and an understanding of what our role is in all of this…how we in fact can create a more meaningful and lasting experience for ourselves and those we commune with.”

Charlie Judy Human Capital Strategic Development/Operations, Navigant Consulting

“Joe Gerstandt and Jason Lauritsen are accomplished speakers who deliver an energetic message that motivates and makes you think differently. I’ve seen them speak on many occasions and they are always great. You can’t go wrong by securing Talent Anarchy for your next conference!

Laurie L. McIntosh, SPHR Director, Member Engagement, Society for Human Resource Management

“Talent Anarchy has concocted the perfect recipe for audiences— 1 part inspirational, 1 part entertaining and 1 part mind-blowing— I’ve seen them speak a dozen times and the outcome is always the same… audiences are dazzled with their collective brilliance.”

William Tincup, SPHR CEO, Tincup & Co.

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