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Creating significant business impact through Human Resources starts with knowing what need to be done. But that is just the beginning. The bigger challenge often lies in garnering the support, resources and approval to make it happen. 

Driving change in Human Resources requires you to articulate HR solutions through business cases and strategic plans that garner the interest and support of executive leadership.  It also demands that you master the skills of influence and learn to skillfully navigate the political seas within your organization. 

Join Jason Lauritsen, CEO of Talent Anarchy and former HR executive, to learn the skills and mindsets needed to become an “HR Change Maker.”  In this dynamic and interactive workshop, you will learn practical concepts, discuss real case studies, and practice the skills that are needed to dramatically increase the impact of human resources on business performance. 

What you will learn:

  • Learn how to create compelling business cases for HR initiatives that align to support organizational strategic objectives and plans.  You will practice on your own real-world examples to create momentum for making things happen in your organization.
  • Discover how to approach HR strategic planning as a tool for influence to drive change and creates business value.  Learn that the process is as important as the plan it produces.  Review several approaches for how to use the process to strengthen your credibility as a business partner. 
  • Understand organizational politics and power dynamics in new ways to uncover more effective strategies to personally influence the decision makers within your organization.  This exploration will result in an individualized development plan for you to grow your influence to more effectively drive change.  
  • Examine sales as a model for how to secure approvals and remove obstacles to change initiatives more quickly and effectively.  Learn and practice fundamental sales techniques to dramatically improve your impact with business leaders. 

 Who should attend?

Human Resources professionals and managers who want to increase their impact and credibility within their organization and become more effective at driving meaningful change. 

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*This program has been submitted for a total of 6 hours of Strategic Management credit to the HR Certification Institute for review.


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