Diversity + Inclusion = Innovation: Putting Diversity of Thought to Work

Diversity + Inclusion = Innovation:

Putting Diversity of Thought to Work

“If everyone is thinking the same thing, someone isn’t thinking at all.”

–General George Patton

While it is often not included in conversations around diversity and inclusion, cognitive diversity is of increasing significance to our organizations due to the integral role that it plays in decision making, problem solving and innovation. As innovation becomes increasingly critical for the success of our organizations, we cannot afford to leave cognitive diversity out of conversation. This information rich message will unpack the what, why and how of putting cognitive diversity to work for you:

Learning Objectives:
  • Participants will have a clear and actionable definition and framework for understanding cognitive diversity.
  • Participants will understand the role of cognitive diversity in driving a groups or organizations ability to; share information, make meaning from information, make quality decisions, solve problems, innovate and utilize the talent that is available to them.
  • Participants will understand how human nature and social dynamics can get in the way of capitalizing on cognitive diversity and what kind of action is required to offset these barriers.

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