HackLab: Pursuing Progress Through Deviation


Pursuing Progress Through Deviation

Innovation isn’t about big changes. And it doesn’t even require a big budget, a big title, or any permission. The changes that matter don’t happen overnightthey are the result of a lot of small, meaningful changes over time. Computer programmers and hackers have used this approach for years and we’ve reaped the rewards.

Applying insights from the computer hacking culture, Talent Anarchy will help you start finding ways to innovate and make progress in your work, one small change at a time. Regardless of your title or experience, you can make big things happen through a series of smart, small changes (hacks). This highly interactive session is designed to provide attendees with actionable insights and tools for immediate application. HackLab can be presented as a keynote or in a more in-depth and hands-on workshop format.

Learning Objectives:
  • Participants will leave with an appreciation for some of the core tenets of hacking culture and how they can be applied to their work and their organization (specifically sharing, openness, decentralization, access to tools, world improvement).
  • Participants will practice applying a hacking mindset to an actual aspect of their work (for example: team meetings, performance appraisals, preparing reports, etc.)
  • Participants will come to understand change as a process rather than an event, and see that large changes are the culmination of a series of meaningful small changes building upon one another.

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