Un-Management: Confronting the Inconvenient Truth About Innovation


Confronting the Inconvenient Truth about Innovation

Your organization is probably talking about innovation. You may even be investing in programs and initiatives with the aim to create more innovation. There is no doubt regarding its importance. Innovation is survival. But, is it actually happening?

In this provocative keynote, you will gain a deeper understanding of innovation, and discover many common misconceptions about how it works. You will confront the inconvenient truth that much of modern management practice is anti-innovation and that innovation begins with culture. You will learn that leading successfully in an environment of constant change requires new thinking and a different approach.

Let your organization off the leash.
  • Gain a more complete understanding of innovation, how it happens and what obstacles commonly prevent it.
  • Discover why the true opportunity for unleashing innovation lies within your culture, not in more management processes.
  • Learn how to foster innovation as a leader by cultivating connection, inclusion and liberation within your organization.

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