Our consulting solutions help you drive meaningful culture change in support of your organization’s objectives. We thrive at helping our clients clearly see the connection between their culture and results to define specific actions that drive progress. We facilitate processes that unleash the true potential of your workforce.

How We Can Help


People Process Design
Human Resources Process Assessment and Design – If employees aren’t behaving in the way you’d like, it may be due to the processes used to manage them. Leveraging our expertise in human resources, culture and human behavior, we help you evaluate and design innovative people processes that unlock greater performance.

Strategic Alignment
Strategic Alignment – A strategy is only as good as its execution. To harness the power of a strategic plan requires that the people, processes and environment be aligned to support it. We provide assessment and facilitation to ensure this alignment within an organization or department.

Culture Analysis
Culture Analysis – Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, we can help you get a clear, unvarnished picture of your culture and how it’s impacting your business results.

Social Network Analysis
Social Network Analysis (SNA) – Culture is shaped by the inter-relationship of the employees within it. SNA creates a visual representation of the network that exists within the company. This reveals powerful insights for how to socially architect the organization for greater innovation, engagement and results.

Values Identification
Values Identification – At the heart of any culture is values. Discovering and declaring your organization’s values is a critically important process. We help you facilitate this process of discovery.

Hackathon Design and Facilitation
Hackathon Design and Facilitation – You’ve probably heard the buzz about Hackathons. You don’t have to be an internet company in Silicon Valley to reap the benefits of a hackathon at your company. We will help you design and execute a dynamic event that has the potential to yield unexpected innovations and breakthroughs.

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