When the stakes are high and decisions need to be made, applying the right design and facilitation to your meeting can mean the difference between a breakthrough and time wasted. Don’t leave it to chance.  We design and facilitate dynamic experiences that draw out a group’s potential for innovation.

Executive and Team Retreats

When you make time for a retreat, you need it to have impact. You also can’t afford to waste time. We work with you to design experiences that transform attendees and produce the results you need.

Decision Accelerator

What do you do when you have a big problem to solve and a lot of people to involve in the process?  You host a Decision Accelerator. While we didn’t invent this process, we have adapted it to unleash the core elements of innovation.  You can arrive at better decisions while cutting out weeks, even months, of unnecessary meetings and frustration.


Most innovation occurs as the result of one small improvement built upon another over time.  Applying insights from the computer hacking culture, this session guides individuals through how to find ways to improve their own work processes, one small change (hack) at a time. This “hands on” experience encourages practice on real examples to yield valuable business insights while providing attendees with tools for ongoing application.

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