Talent Anarchy will make you think, make you laugh, and make you better.  Each of these messages can be formatted for a keynote presentation, interactive workshop, or webinar.

It’s Who You Know: Unleashing the Power of Networks
“It’s not what you know, but who you know that matters.”  That’s how people describe the power of relationships in our personal and professional lives.  Learn why it’s never been more important to have a strong network of relationships and how to go create one.  This session with break down how networks and relationships work and share the “Laws of Connection” that will empower you to create the network you need to be successful.

Step Up: Taking Charge of Your Future
Are you driving the bus or getting run over by it?   Regardless of where you are in your career, Step Up will provide you with both the understanding and the tools to put you in the driver’s seat.  This session illustrates how the path to success travels through authenticity, intentionality and accountability.  Attendees will leave with the perspective and motivation to take their career to new levels.

Make Things Happen: Leading through Influence
President Dwight Eisenhower said, “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.”  Real leaders know that leadership is not about authority or title, it’s about influence.  Make It Happen shows how influence involves understanding the perceptions, desires and motivations of others.  Attendees will walk away with the skills of influence they need to become empowered to lead in any situation.

Generation X: The Magic (or Mayhem?) in the Middle
While Generation Y garners the headlines, Gen X is plotting a revolution.  The generation that grew up with corporate downsizing, rising divorce rates and scandal everywhere has had enough.  As the boomers prepare to retire, many organizations are expecting Gen X leaders to fill the gaps left behind. We may not want the job.  This session demystifies Gen X.  For those hoping to retain Gen X leaders, you will walk away with the Gen X List of Demands.  disclaimer:  there may be moon-walking involved

What the @#%& is a Twitter and Why should I Care?
Social Media, Social Networking and what the New Web means to your Organization
Have you found yourself considering this question recently?  Well, it is time for you to pull your head out of the sand…or wherever else you have been keeping it.  Before you rush off to proclaim your love for, or your hatred of social media, do something different than most people and get some clarity on what it actually is.  This is a timely and valuable look at what social media and social networking can mean for your organization and how to make sure that you are capitalizing on their potential.  Talent Anarchy will help you get up to speed on the blogging, tweeting, facebooking way of the world today!

Strategic Relationship Management: The Breakthrough HR Competency

It’s not enough for an HR professional to get the basics right. Becoming a strategic business partner in your organization is also about knowing the right people and being able to establish and manage key relationships. The most effective HR leaders understand the importance of alliances in influencing behavior and overcoming resistance. Could you use more influence? Join Talent Anarchy for this examination of relationships and take away practical approaches for Strategic Relationship Management.

Power and Politics: Putting HR in The Game
Every organization has its own power dynamics and politics, which can have a big impact on decision making. As HR professionals, understanding these dimensions can mean the difference between effectiveness and irrelevance. To play in this game it is important to consider the following questions: Where does power come from? Why should I want more power and how do I get it? How does politics affect my role in HR?