Why The Frontier Project

We have attended and participated in many events sharing the same general purpose of: making work more productive and more meaningful. Sometimes technology is the proposed solution, sometimes it is a new way of doing the work of Human Resources or Management, regardless of the context, we see these events struggling against three limitations:

So, we decided it was time to take matters into our own hands. It is to this end that we created a forum where change will take root. We call it, The Frontier Project

What The Frontier Project Is

The short answer: it’s like a think tank on steroids, where we think creatively about the future and what its implications are for us today.

The (slightly) longer answer: It is a two-day, facilitated process, based on a framework designed for accelerated decision-making. Hewlett Packard and other organizations have used this process to drive robust ideation and rapid prototyping. The process is intense and dynamic. It drives a group of people with very diverse perspectives and experiences to think creatively about the future and harvest insights from their shared model. And relationships are formed. And there is alcohol. And Play-Doh.

What The Frontier Project Isn’t

The Frontier Project is not:

Who Should Come to The Frontier Project

Warriors, revolutionaries, change agents, and others who are fiercely committed to actively reshaping how we make work more productive and meaningful.

Participants will include:

You should join The Frontier Project...

What Is Expected of Participants in The Frontier Project?

The Frontier Project works because of how the process is designed and the intentions of the participants involved in it. Frontier Project participants are asked to be:

What Happens When It’s Over?

Things will change.

The experience will be a mash-up of excitement, disruption, energy, conflict, sharing, learning, and solving. You will leave with a renewed commitment to your quest and a new tribe to support you. But that is only the beginning. 

At the end of our time together, you can expect to leave with new thinking, new energy, and new ideas immediately applicable to your efforts. 

Additionally, we will share with the world what we have created together to perhaps become both a catalyst and blueprint for further progress. The results, conclusions and insights created through The Frontier Project will be captured and published for further evolution. Proof.
Re-imagining the Role of Human Resources

November 11–12, 2013
Northwest Forest Conference Center   .   Cypress, TX

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