The Frontier Project Experience


Frontier Project is a laid back, honest approach to collaboration with people who currently impact our industry and who want to impact our industry. It’s fun, it’s enlightening and you will walk away wishing it wasn’t over.
– Kary See, Engagement Associate, Quantum Workplace

This is how you change the world. The Frontier Project is a get together with a real work project, a roadmap for the future of the profession and the industry.
– John Sumser Editor,

Two days well spent thinking outside the box. Great opportunity to network
– Kathy Brojek Corporate Benefits Manager, Cleaver-Brooks, Inc.

The Frontier Project was unlike any other event I’ve attended and that was what made it so exciting. I left feeling inspired and challenged.
– Sarah Ericson Senior Manager, Human Resources CSG International

I really enjoyed thought-provoking discussions. I’m looking forward to returning for future Frontier Projects.
– Broc Edwards, Director of Learning & Leadership for a regional bank

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