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Just finished a wonderful book titled The Thing Itself, by Richard Todd, which is an examination of the American pursuit for authenticity from a variety of perspectives. Lots of pages in this book are dog-eared, but one of my favorite passages is in the forward. “The word is “authenticity.” I will not become ensnared here in an effort at definition but let it be heard itself as we go along. […]

The issue of authenticity has been increasingly pulling on our attention the past 2-3 years. We see how authentic an employee is willing and able to be at work as a pretty important variable in the work experience equation, with implications for both employee and employer. We continue to write and speak more about authenticity, and we occasionally get a note or a message from someone telling us that “you […]

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Great post from Jason last week and I want to build on what he started. I believe strongly that decision making is the biggest soft spot in how most organizations operate today. I think that the world is full of organizations who work very hard to find and hire smart, creative, talented folks and believe that if they just group them together they will have smart groups making smart decisions. […]

                            Jason- I agree that aspirations and ideals are certainly a part of what we are talking about. Authenticity is inherently aspirational in that it is about a more noble delivery on the promises that we make. I think that the questions that we currently use, properly framed, do surface aspirations; though we can certainly be more […]

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Jason- I think we have had some similar experiences and learnings around personal awareness and authenticity. I think that authenticity has become a truly compelling issue for me because I see the far reaching change needed in how we do business as being dependent upon massive amounts of courage. Authenticity makes courage more likely, more meaningful and more impactful. Though it does not make it any easier or safer. People […]

Categories: anarchy, Authenticity