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Jason- I think we have had some similar experiences and learnings around personal awareness and authenticity. I think that authenticity has become a truly compelling issue for me because I see the far reaching change needed in how we do business as being dependent upon massive amounts of courage. Authenticity makes courage more likely, more meaningful and more impactful. Though it does not make it any easier or safer. People […]

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Jason- I have been a little slow in getting back to the blog, but it has taken me a bit to fully recover from kicking off the Social Gravity World Tour in New Orleans at LASHRM12. Great show. Great people. Great food. Next we are headed to Boston for the HR Excellence Conference and this is also kind of an important gig for us. We are rolling out some new […]

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Hey man. Good post, good questions. I do not know if there is any such thing as a freak flag expert, but I will take a crack at it. I think that authenticity is actually a relational thing. It is not just about being true to who you are, but rather about being true to who you are while supporting the same in others. Focusing just on your own authenticity […]

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Hey man, good post.  Sorry I have been slow in responding.  The title for my response is a little overly dramatic, but I am with Maddie and A.D. on this.  Amazon does a really good job of finding stuff that I am interested in…a spooky good job. Sometimes I think they have bugged my brain. But the more stuff, options, opinions that I am spoon-fed, the less that I am […]

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I think that Jason is several miles away today participating in the annual Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa.  (Ride like the wind brother, and drink lots of water!) Since he is away, it seems appropriate for me to run my mouth a little. Anarchy. I know.  It throws people off a little bit.  In fact, the word anarchy makes some sphincters pucker up just a little.  But Jason […]