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Hey man, good post.  Sorry I have been slow in responding.  The title for my response is a little overly dramatic, but I am with Maddie and A.D. on this.  Amazon does a really good job of finding stuff that I am interested in…a spooky good job. Sometimes I think they have bugged my brain. But the more stuff, options, opinions that I am spoon-fed, the less that I am [...]

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I think that Jason is several miles away today participating in the annual Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa.  (Ride like the wind brother, and drink lots of water!) Since he is away, it seems appropriate for me to run my mouth a little. Anarchy. I know.  It throws people off a little bit.  In fact, the word anarchy makes some sphincters pucker up just a little.  But Jason [...]

Jason- We have both been pretty busy the past few weeks, so the bloggity-blog has been kind of quiet.  This has been a busy conference season for me and after a couple of months of these loosely connected and overlapping conversations with bunches of different people about innovation, culture, recruiting, talent, inclusion, leadership and business, I am left with this one idea… Caring is the difference maker. Are you and [...]

Jason- Great post, and Recruitfest was a tasty event for sure. It was very cool to be part of some really cool conversations and a groundbreaking event. One of my favorite parts of the day was the conversation around the “Candidate Bill of Rights” that you were a part of. Personally, I do not care what it is called. Bill of Rights. Manifesto. Our Big Fat Hairy Promises. I think [...]

Jason- Organizations are conformist by nature. Some organizations are really conformist and some not so much, but there is always some degree of conformity…that is true of any social group actually. Conformity is the cost of membership. Too much conformity can be really, really bad and you can see examples of this ranging from Enron to Nazi Germany. Too much conformity has always been problematic, but conformity in general has [...]

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