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Jason and I will be heading to Detroit soon to deliver the opening keynote at the American Society of Employers 14th Annual HR Conference. We will be delivering our Social Gravity keynote, which is about relationships and networks of relationships and has been our most highly requested message for the past several years. There will probably be some dancing. As someone who frequently speaks about, and has co-authored a book […]

Joe, I have found myself recently chatting with several people who seem to be making the argument that social networks, text/instant messaging, and the internet in general are diminishing the relationships between people. To be fair, the people making the argument are generally Gen X or older and are people who pride themselves in networking the old-fashioned way, face to face and eyeball to eyeball. So, they could just be […]

Yo VIP lets kick it. Jason- In your last post you mention a lot of good stuff, and one of the things that caught my attention was that you touched on the importance of building internal relationships a couple of times, and I think that this is sometimes overlooked. How HR is viewed within the organization has a great deal to do with the nature of the relationship that HR […]

Jason I agree with your post and think this is very relevant to the message we will be sharing with the ND SHRM Conference on Thursday…especially your comments on the importance of relationships. I cannot emphasize the importance of relationships enough, and not the cheesy, shmoozy, “I want everyone to like me” kind of relationships, but real relationships; with some trust and some candor and some common ground. I think […]

Joe, As we prepare to invade the North Dakota State SHRM Conference this week, I thought maybe I’d share some of my philosophy regarding why I think all Human Resources professionals should think of themselves as being in sales. People are often surprised to find that while I now spend my days leading an HR department for an organization of about 800 employees, I have no formal education in Human […]