Diversity Dilemma – response 3


Hmm. Well played my friend. I almost agree. But a couple of things that stand in the way…

  • I am approaching this from the perspective of making the D&I; function as successful as possible today, not what would make D&I; successful if we lived in a world where HR was what it needed to be.
  • Human Capital is and always will be a big part of D&I;, but a comprehensive D&I; function also includes Branding, Marketing, Internal Communications, Vendor Relations and other things that live outside of HR.
  • I think that allowing the D&I; function to continue to languish inside of HR is actually letting HR off the hook, because they think all they need to do is have someone chairing a cmte, printing some fliers and handing out a couple of scholarships and they are “doing diversity.” Nobody every pushes back on HR regarding D&I; because D&I; reports up through that very food chain.

So, I stick to my guns that D&I; belongs outside of HR. I think that will lead to a more serious commitment to D&I; work, a more authentic and mutually beneficial relationship with HR and HR actually making a more legitimate contribution to this work.

I am down with transforming HR, I think it is the most significant opportunity for changing business. I think that part of that transformation includes D&I; as a neighbor, not part of the same family.


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