X marks the spot!


We are heading to South Dakota this week for the state SHRM Conference, where we get to deliver one of our favorite keynote messages Generation X : Magic (or Mayhem) in the Middle. You and I like this message for a number of reasons and have been giving presentations and workshops on generational issues for a couple of years now, and I think that this continues to be an important set of issues for organizations.

I am thinking that it might help us get mentally prepared by thinking a bit about our favorite (and the most attractive) generation in the workforce today. Good friend and fellow X’er Jamie Notter has shared some thoughts on Gen X assets and liabilities over on a blog that he contributes to. I am curious what you think of these.

Also, we contributed some thoughts for Cheezhead last week, mostly stuff that comes from The Manifesto, and it occurs to me that these things should resonate especially well with our Generation X brothers and sisters. Would you agree with that and do you think other generations will struggle with these ideas more? Or is there no generational connection here?

Have a good week and looking forward to hitting the road with you.

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