The Future of H.R. – part 4


I’ve chewed on your list and I think that all of these are important areas for the HR department of the future (and probably of today as well). However, I think that one important thing was left off the list. When you look at this list, you might forget that HR is in the business of people. To that end, I think that HR teams need to become like Tom Cruise’s character in “The Color of Money” and become a “student of human behavior.”
This isn’t anything new, but HR should be the internal expert on why people do what they do. We should be curious and constantly studying the behavior of individuals and teams. Perhaps this isn’t unique to the future, but as people continually evolve and change, so must the organization’s understanding of what’s important to them. Recently, I’ve heard a lot of talk about how the drivers of employee engagement has shifted during the recession. If HR isn’t sniffing around to figure this out, who will be?
You ball. Where to next?

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