Jason- I think we have had some similar experiences and learnings around personal awareness and authenticity. I think that authenticity has become a truly compelling issue for me because I see the far reaching change needed in how we do business as being dependent upon massive amounts of courage. Authenticity makes courage more likely, more… Continue reading Courage

All beta everything.

Jason- Contracts huh? I had to sign a contract last week, and the lady that I was working with placed it in front of me and said “take as long as you need to read through this so that you understand it and can sign it.” After skimming the first paragraph I responded by saying… Continue reading All beta everything.

Game on.

Jason- Hey dawg. The holidays were nice and we have had a pretty comfortable winter here in Omaha. It has been a nice break, but I am also getting a bit restless. Fortunately, in looking at the calendar, I see that it is just about go time for us. The book has been quietly released… Continue reading Game on.

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