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Today, we bring you a guest post from Jacob Shriar at Officevibe.  We love to give voice to those trying to revolutionize work.  And, we thought you’d enjoy this.  Check it out.   This is a warning to all companies still practicing old school management styles. If you don’t change your ways, it will be disastrous for your company. Employees (or I should say humans), are smarter than ever, and […]

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Jason- Glad that you liked the HBR article about Morning Star, a company which has successfully removed management as we know it. I think that the Morning Star story might be worth further consideration here at some point, there is a lot of interesting things in that article. I think that my suggestion of improving work by doing away with management (borrowed from the HBR article) and your suggestion regarding […]

Hey Joe, Good thoughts and thanks for getting us rolling on our Business 2020 discussion. I’ve been thinking and collecting notes on this topic since you first posed it. Predicting the future is a more daunting task than I originally anticipated. Two issues you raised were on my list as well. Rate of Change. Speed is becoming critical. Not only the speed at which you change, but the speed at […]

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