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Joe, Great question: How do we avoid jobs and companies that suck? It is heart breaking to me when I see talented people trudging away in jobs that either they don’t love or at companies where they don’t fit. ¬†And, as you hint at, in almost every situation when you talk to someone who is in this kind of predicament, they almost always say something like “This isn’t at all […]

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Joe, Happy New Year! Thanks for the great book recommendations. I too have a few books to recommend. All good Talent Anarchists are on a journey of personal development and discovery. So, as we enter 2010, I thought I’d recommend some of the best books for developing yourself personally and professionally. 1. Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott. For my money, this is the best and most complete book of professional […]

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Jason- I agree with your thoughts on this and especially the idea that we assume a lot of things about where people are at on self-management, etc. I also like the three foundational areas you have staked out, but I wonder if there is one missing. I am not even sure what to call it, but in my mind it is the difference between an ideological approach to management/leadership and […]