Buzzword is my favorite buzzword.

Okay man. I think we both define talent differently and that is not likely to change in our going back and forth here.  And that’s cool.  Part of the truth here is that talent is an intangible.  It cannot be plugged nicely and neatly into a spreadsheet or a flowchart or a shiny new Twitter… Continue reading Buzzword is my favorite buzzword.

Minneapolis or Bust!

We will be getting on the road soon for Minneapolis, where we get to kick off the 12th Minnesota Recruiters Conference tomorrow.  Thanks to the invitation from Paul DeBettinges (@MNHeadhunter) we will have the opportunity to share some ideas related to social capital with this community of recruiters that Paul is a part of.  A… Continue reading Minneapolis or Bust!

Helping Wounded Soldiers

Great conversation here this week around the Pay for Performance issue, thanks for the great comments.  Looking forward to some more good discussion next week and if you have not already registered, please plan on joining us for RecruitFest next week.  We are looking forward to contributing to some great conversation with some folks that… Continue reading Helping Wounded Soldiers