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Many years ago, during my tour of duty in the corporate ranks, I worked for a company that was headed toward real financial trouble if we didn’t make some changes. We were experiencing an “innovate or die” moment for the business. Faced with that dire reality, we reworked nearly every part of the business over the course of a couple years. It was a grueling and exhilarating process. Ultimately, our efforts […]

Nice post man, good topic.  Also some really good comments, and there has been some interesting conversation around culture fit related to the removal of Jack Griffin at Time Warner. I usually find the cultural fit conversation to be pretty humorous.  In my experience, it seems that the people using it as a reason to not hire someone are also the people least capable of actually describing the aforementioned culture […]

Good list man. I think that there is one thing that I would add one thing… Seek out and collect oddballs. Be curious and relentless in bringing different and new perspectives, experiences, etc. into your network of relationships. This can greatly increase your social capital and it does not happen on its own, whether you are developing relationships on-line or off-line. We have a tendency to seek out and feel […]