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Joe, Something I’ve been thinking about lately is the affect that our network of relationships might be having on our thinking and our point of view.  Thanks to the internet and social web, information is being created and shared at a pace today that makes the head spin.  The amount of content available for consumption on the web is growing at an exponentially faster pace each week.  And, I know […]

Jason- Thanks for your post regarding social media and conferences, it is an interesting topic and I am sure that this will not be the last conversation about it. I mostly agree with you but I am also a little bit afraid of sounding like the guy shaking his fist and yelling “get off my lawn you damn kids!” I guess I do not know if it really matters either […]

Joe, You nicely summed up what I feel is at the core of the discussion about how social media is changing how people interact. So, to take it further, how exactly do these social media tools impact relationships and ultimately, the creation of social capital. Here’s a few of the most important ways I’ve experienced: Social media is a tool that facilitates the creation and maintenance of relationships, it is […]

Jason, I hope that you are enjoying the shift in weather. Spring is a favorite season of mine, it always feels like a fresh start on things…especially after this winter. On to the business at hand. Thanks for your post teeing up social technology…there is so much noise about this issue out there. I guess I have a paradoxical view regarding social technology, I think that social technology is very […]

Jason- I surely do not qualify as a social networking expert, guru or thought-leader as the world clearly has plenty of those, but I will respond to the best of my ability. I think that despite all the chatter, and noise and expertise, there is still substantial confusion and misunderstanding about networking…what it really is, how it really works, why it is really valuable. And whether you are networking in […]