While we wish we could claim all of the credit for our success, there’s a small army of people who collaborate, support, put up with, and, occasionally, slap us around.  We are simply a manifestation of the influence of these brilliant people.  Here we share a short list of some of the most bad ass people in the Talent Anarchy universe.

Jason Seiden

Jason Seiden is the first ever Honorary Talent Anarchist and unleashes plenty of anarchy in his own work.  We call him a career guru.  He speaks, coaches, consults and you should buy his books.  He’s really smart.

Rebecca Ryan

Rebecca Ryan is a human sparkplug. She’s the founder of Next Generation Consulting, and the author of Live First, Work Second.  She has been both and inspiration and occasional collaborator for Talent Anarchy.

Roger Fransecky

Roger is Founder/CEO of The Apogee Group, a global management consulting and leadership development organization founded in 1995. Roger also plays the role of Yoda for the Talent Anarchy team.

Cy Wakeman

Cy is a big time speaker and writer and has also been a mentor and wonderful advocate for the work of Talent Anarchy…and once in a while she buys us dinner(she’s cool like that).

Mark Hirschfeld

Another smarty pants, Mark is a principal with Silverstone Group and also recently co-authored a groovy book on employee engagement called ReEngage.  Mark has been a friend since back in the day.

Jamie Notter

A consultant, speaker and blogger extroardinaire, Jamie likes to spread anarchy in the association world.  Pretty sure we are both related to Jamie in some way.

Quantum Workplace

We like the work that our good friends as QW approach their work in helping organizations measure the stuff that truly matters.  They have partnered with us to do some research into the anarchy taking place in our workplaces.