Freak Flag: Unleashing the Power of Authenticity

Freak Flag:

Unleashing the Power of Authenticity

Authenticity. Another righteous thing turned into a buzzword. The word gets tossed around the word as if it’s an easy, common thing. It is not.

Being authentic means knowing who you are and living accordingly. It means recognizing and embracing that you are unique and actively sharing that gift with the world. It’s about flying your Freak Flag. It means standing out, being a category of one. Authenticity is power.

It’s also great for business. How we create value through work is changing rapidly and the price of conformity has never been higher. The very survival of our businesses and professions requires a continuous flow of new perspectives, ideas and approaches. Authenticity is the foundation needed to meet this challenge.

In this high energy, entertaining and actionable keynote, discover the what, why and how of true authenticity.
  • Gain a broader understanding of authenticity and its significance to creating value at work.
  • Understand the common organizational dynamics that squash authenticity and how to navigate, avoid, and eliminate those obstacles.
  • Learn to use awareness, acceptance, integrity and daring to unleash authenticity and develop the powerful mindset of Flying your Freak Flag.

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