RESET! The New What, Why and How of Diversity and Inclusion


The New What, Why and How of Diversity and Inclusion

While nearly everything about business and how business is done has changed in the past couple of decades, little has changed about our approach to and our understanding of diversity and inclusion. We can ill afford to continue taking a 20th century approach to this set of issues which are increasingly critical to 21st century business.

There are certainly a lot more folks saying the right things about diversity and inclusion today, but why is there so little real action? While we sometimes assume that this is because of resistance, a great deal of it actually stems from confusion around what diversity and inclusion really mean in business context of today and why they matter.

In Switch, Dan and Chip Heath say “what looks like resistance is often a lack of clarity,” and that may be more true and relevant for diversity and inclusion work than anywhere else.

This powerful and revolutionary message has been delivered to diversity practitioners, HR leaders and business executives across the country and it will help you reset the diversity and inclusion conversation in your organization and it will challenge you to recommit to this body of work at this very critical time.

Learning Objectives:
  • Participants will be equipped with a new framework for understanding and approaching diversity and inclusion in their organization.
  • Participants will have new information and research to apply to their organizations diversity and inclusion strategy and tactics.
  • Participants will be prepared to lead their organization in integrating diversity and inclusion into their strategic plan and organizational culture.







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