Creating Better Teams with Authenticity

Your conversations about talent are likely too small. Most managers and HR leaders I interact with talk about talent exclusively on the individual level. Everyone is fighting the so-called “war for talent.” And while engaging and retaining talented individuals certainly matters, we do not do work as individuals. More and more work, decision-making, and problem… Continue reading Creating Better Teams with Authenticity

How much is TOO much diversity?

Joe, Good stuff as always in your last post.  I can’t argue that organizations have a long way to go in defining and then identifying talent.  That reality goes a long way towards keeping me gainfully employed today.  Talent is a messy and difficult topic if you really roll up your sleeves and dig into… Continue reading How much is TOO much diversity?

Lessons – response

Jason- Being the non-conformist that I am, I have had somewhere between 1 and 2 million different bosses already in my life. A few were very good, many were so-so and a lot of them had a lot of room for improvement. Thanks for bringing back some entertaining (and a few painful) memories. When I… Continue reading Lessons – response